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Donatebloodonbase article

4 Reasons To Donate Blood On Base - Army Wife 101Army Wife 101

Long before I ever considered getting married, never mind getting married to a soldier, I started donating blood. I followed my dad to the local blood drive whenever possible. After 9/11 I went to donate blood and was turned away due to the large outpouring of support. Throughout college I donated blood through the Red Cross.

Bowtie article

Why I Love Spouse's Clubs - Army Wife 101Army Wife 101

Last Friday night my husband and I got all dressed up and headed out to our installation’s version of a banquet hall to support our community spouse’s club for one of their annual fundraisers. While it sounds like something only ‘certain’ people do, I want to take some reasons and explain why it is that I choose to get involved with the spouses’ club at each installation.

Enlistedspouse article

Why I Love Being an Enlisted Spouse

I like the traditions of the military. And I like smashing those stereotypes and expanding those roles.