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Military Discounts: Not Just for Active Duty – Blog

Active duty service members aren’t the only ones who love a good military discount. To cater to the entire military community, brands are expanding their military discount eligibility to veterans, reservists, spouses, and dependents.
For example, The Exchange is a general store located on military installations. A Department of Defense ID card is a requirement to shop at The Exchange, which limits the shopping pool to active duty, National Guard and Reserves members and retirees, and their family members. The online option was originally open to active or reserve members only.

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How Two Companies Have Attracted Military Families for Over 100 Years

For over 100 years, Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) and First Command Financial Services have maintained a strong customer base of military families. They don’t just market to families, they get to know military spouses, listen to their concerns, and use contacts within the community to increase their footprint. 

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3 Things to Know about Gen Z in the Military – Blog

Generation Z has entered the military ranks. As the newest generation to graduate high school and college and join the military, they make up 44% of the active duty population, according to the latest Demographics Report from the Department of Defense. Their spouses also qualify as Gen Z — 20% of them are under 25 years old. For marketers targeting this demographic in the military, the trick will be to combine the high expectations of this tech-savvy group with the needs related to being in the military.

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6 Things Marketers Should Know About Military Moves

Starting in early spring, when military families learn where they’re headed, they start planning. They look at schools, housing, and jobs. They consider how to travel to their next duty station and routes to take. They look at swinging through hometowns for a quick visit, or taking a family vacation along the way. As they enter this PCS (permanent change of station) season, they are laser-focused on the coming months.

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What Military Parents are Buying for their Kids

Military parents, like all parents, want the best for their kids, yet they often don’t have the time to research as thoroughly as they’d like. Military families move every two to three years, and parents often feel badly about moving their children so frequently. With every move, kids need redecorated bedrooms and restocked closets.

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Tap into the Hidden Market of Male Military Spouses – Blog

Male military spouses make up a small percentage of the population, just under 8%. But with organizations like Macho Spouse, designed to support male military spouses, there are several ways to market directly to these men. Focusing solely on the female military spouse has many missing out on this niche market.