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Is Your Carseat Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

The number one concern parents have is safety. From what their kids are eating to what they are watching, they want to keep them safe. This should be first and foremost in our minds each and every time we put our kids in the car. I’ll be the first to admit, with a six year gap between my middle and my youngest, I forgot a lot about car seat safety. Luckily, I have a friend who is passionate about it.

Diy sellers article

Do I Really Need a Realtor? The DIY Seller

Military families are some of the best at saving money, especially when it comes to moving. But when attempting to sell your house, there are some things to consider before doing it yourself, becoming a DIY seller. Just as you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, there is a reason REALTORS® are in business, and they may actually help you save money.

Reinvent article

Mil-Spouses Starting Over: Take Time to Create the Best You

You may have guessed it, but I have moving on the brain. It’s probably because I’m thinking ahead. Two weeks from today, we’ll be leaving our duty station on to our next adventure. Am I excited? Sure. Am I nervous about what’s in store? A little. Am I ready? Yes!

Pcs like a pro article

PCS Like a Pro with a Virtual Business

I visited my 95-year-old grandmother last month, and we got to talking about life. She was a Navy wife during World War II, following my grandfather around the country with babies in tow. She understands a bit about this life and is really good about not comparing her hard times with mine. (For the record, hers were WAY worse!)

Pcs stories you wouldn%e2%80%99t believe article

PCS Stories You Wouldn't Believe!

We all have that one PCS memory, the one that stands out as being the most ridiculous or hilarious or nightmarish. Sometimes we look back and sigh with frustration at the time the movers lost our favorite piece of Polish pottery. Other times we laugh about how ridiculous we must have looked running through the airport with four kids, 12 bags, and a cat.

You cant always take it with you article

You Can’t Always Take It With You

A friend recently asked me my top piece of advice for a PCS. She’d moved a few times before, but they were certainly not seamless moves. I immediately thought of 5 Items Military Families Should Pack Themselves with some really good tips.

8 kitchen things to bring with you during a pcs 1 article

8 Kitchen Essentials to Bring With You During a PCS

I don’t pretend to be a great cook. In fact, if you ask me what I’m making for dinner, I’ll respond with my usual “I don’t cook dinner.” I really don’t. I mean, food is prepared in my house for my family to eat 6 out of the 7 nights in a week, but I didn’t cook it that evening.

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Affordable Vacation Options for Military Families

Sometimes vacations are planned far in advance. And sometimes, they are last minute four-day weekend kind of deals, where you load up the car before you really know where you’re going. One thing military family vacations should have in common is affordability.

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The Added Challenge of PCSing with an Exceptional Family Member

There are SO many challenges that come with a military move. From making new friends to finding schools to what you should pack yourself, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the growth of the internet and websites like relocating is getting a bit easier each year. But for military families with an exceptional member requiring medical specialists and regular doctor’s appointments, moving to a new duty station can still be a challenge.

Bloom article

5 Ways to Truly Bloom Where You Are Planted

By the time you get settled in your new home this summer following your PCS, it’s going to feel like you missed a whole season! Summer is busy with traveling, moving, vacations, and unpacking. By the time the last box is put away, and the kids are gearing up for school, you’ll find your desire to get out and do things return. We often spend our time getting our house in order before venturing out to make friends, find new volunteer opportunities, or just explore. Here are some suggestions to get started!

Finding a new babysitter article

Finding a Trusted Babysitter after a PCS

Like anything else you want to know when moving to a new place, word of mouth and personal recommendations are key. Social media groups, community groups, and new neighbors are full of information that may help you feel settled. But when it comes to someone caring for your children in your absence, I encourage you to take all recommendations with a grain of salt.

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Moving Cars During a PCS

While the average number of cars per family in America has decreased over the past 10 years, there are still many military families that own two or more vehicles. (Note, for the purpose of this conversation, we’re only talking about automobiles.) So how do military families move their multiple cars to the next duty station in the most cost-efficient and stress-free manner?

Foreclosure 1 article

Finding a Military Friendly Real Estate Agent When You PCS ...

You found a house, its perfect! Then you learn it is one of the stages of foreclosure. Should you continue pursuing it? Maybe cut and run? Is buying a foreclosed house really worth the hassle? There are several types of foreclosures, each with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Title insurance article

The Skinny on Title Insurance

You’ve found your perfect house, and you’ve figured out all of the details, including the closing costs. But now something new has surfaced in your conversations with Realtors or lenders, title insurance. Now you’re thinking, of course, one more thing that needs to be paid. You may even be thinking of skipping this step. Suzette Keller of Trinity Title of Texas shares why title insurance is so important.

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Trick-or-Treating! On Base or Out in Town?

The house is decorated, the candy bowl full, and the children are putting their final touches on their costumes. It’s time for Halloween! Trick-or-treating is a relatively new American tradition, gaining popularity since the 1930s. Military families on and off installations around the world celebrate in various ways.
Some families gather in large groups and trick-or-treat through the neighborhoods on the installation, while others prefer to stay in their neighborhoods in the community. There are so many events and opportunities to enjoy this holiday, it’s hard to decide what to participate in.