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Should Your Kid's Watch That?

What options do you have for reviewing media?
Friends and family. Just as in other areas of life, relying on the opinions of trusted friends and family members is a great way to have “eyes and ears” everywhere. You could easily ask a friend who saw a particular movie her thoughts on whether it may be appropriate for your children. Doing so will probably give you a wider net with which to watch, read, or listen to everything before allowing your children to. But keep in mind that each person’s view on what is appropriate will vary.

Childcare summer article

School’s Out! What to Do for Child Care?

Learn from these seasoned pros on how to juggle fun, work, and your bank account this summer

School’s almost out, and Solo Moms around the country are well into panic mode because although summer generally is a time for fun and kicking back, for many of us it also means lining up child care—but how? Reliable child care is expensive and can be hard to find (let alone keep). Plus, we don’t want just anyone caring for our kids.

Family vacation article

Five Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

Meet the challenge head-on with advice for the planning stages

Summer is approaching, and with it comes breaks from school and gloriously warm weather. It’s also the time of year Solo Moms everywhere are both excited for and dreading; child-care prices seem to skyrocket the second school ends, and kids are perpetually bored whenever you ask them a question.

Vegas article

Las Vegas—Not Just for Adults

This past spring break, my kids wanted to go on an adventure. We’ve already done Disneyland and Legoland, and spent more time in Phoenix and Tucson than I care to admit. Camping was not really an option, as the youngest is just nine months old. Finally, we settled on Las Vegas.
I’m sure you’re having the same reaction that my mother did. “Las Vegas? With the kids? What can you do there with kids?”
Turns out, there is a lot to do there with kids, and most of those cool things are free. Bonus: most of them also appeal to adults! So we loaded up the car, drove to Sin City, and started planning our adventure.

Potty training article

Have Potty-Training Toddler, Will Travel

Although I don’t recommend that you start potty training right before a trip or any other big event, at some point, you’ll have to drive farther than 30 minutes away from home, get on an airplane, or stay in a hotel. When life happens, don’t throw all your hard work out the window. Keep potty training, with slightly adjusted expectations, and consider some of these tips.

Instapot article

Instant Pot and Solo Moms: A Match Made on Amazon

Solo Moms all over are joining the electric pressure-cooker craze. Thanks to a variety of deals, many purchased the Instant Pot and have been wondering what to do with it. My friends have been raving about it, but it took me months to tear myself away from the comfort that is my Crock-Pot.

Makeup and heels article

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup and Heels

I barely have time for coffee; makeup doesn’t stand a chance

My morning routine is and always has been simple. When I was working out of the house, I would wake up, work out, shower, make coffee, get the kids, and out the door we went. No fuss, no blow-drying my hair, no makeup, and definitely no heels.

Military mom article

What Military Husbands Don’t Understand About the Years Spent Apart

“Happy” military homecomings only scratch the surface of separation woes

Jennifer Marple has lived under the same roof as her husband for four of their 12 years together. As a marine’s wife, she’s accepted that this is their life, and while she obviously wants him home to spend more time with her and their two boys, it’s not always possible. This sometimes Solo Mom has quite a bit to say about what her life is like when her husband isn’t home.

Alvcphobm4uw0adv article

Going Solo Instead of Moving with a Service Member

Why a military mom might choose to parent alone
When military wives parent alone, sometimes it’s for a weekend, sometimes a few weeks, and oftentimes it’s for months on end. The question really isn’t why we do it, or even how we do it, both answers being because that’s what we have to do. The real discussion comes from the way we do it. Solo parenting while being married is a completely different ball game than single parenting because there is no one else.
Sometimes the military forces you to be a solo parent, and sometimes it is a choice. I have always been curious about those who choose the solo-parenting life as a military spouse when faced with the option of moving with a service member and maintaining, or at least establishing, a new status quo.

Tayob0wtnsjcr9yk article

Make the Most of Military Resources

When your service member leaves you behind, these resources are here to help
Separation is all too frequent for military families, and Solo Moms have so much more on their plate when that time comes around. Whether your family is facing a deployment, a training exercise, or an unaccompanied tour, the challenges and stressors are the same; our children rely on us for everything—and there is no easy way to balance it all. Sometimes things fall through the cracks, but, thankfully, there are resources available that can help. Whether your spouse will be gone a week, month, or year, we Solo Moms need help—and listed below are a few of my favorite ways to get it.

Cxffmvvssemsqjbq article

Father’s Day During Deployment

Tips on how to celebrate Father’s Day when Dad is deployed
Holidays are especially hard when dads are deployed. Solo Moms take on the role of both father and mother during those months, and—although they adapt quickly—Father’s Day is a poignant reminder that something is missing. All the attention on dads during this time of year can be hard on both solo military moms and their kids. Here are some suggestions, put forth by other Solo Moms, to encourage you during this rough patch:

Bvf8egqtfkrsjrbg article

Free Counseling Resources for Military Solo Moms and Their Kids

Help is never too far away, and this help is free!
My good friend always reminds me that self-care is not selfish and that all good parents need someone to talk to. Being a Solo Mom is hard, and finding free resources for counseling and therapy is something you do not always have time for. The military has done a great job of providing these free resources for military families and kids:

Gf5mw3olayeercql article

10 Tips for Traveling Alone with Small Children

You can do it, I promise
Remember when going on vacation was relaxing and fun? All you had to worry about was boarding the plane and relaxing with a glass of wine as someone else took you to your destination, followed by casually unpacking a suitcase and deciding which pool or beach to visit based on the swim-up bar. Those were the days.
Now you’re traveling alone with a toddler, and even if you are heading on a relaxing vacation, the trip there can sometimes seem anything but. Even if your toddler is the perfect angel, the trip is likely to cause some stress. Some of it might be the pressure we put on ourselves to keep a squirmy toddler calm and quiet on an airplane or a train, or in the car. And some of the stress arises just thinking about the challenges that await.

Rujew2h7k0bxexgb article

Things to Consider Before Giving Your Kids an Allowance

Financial habits can be taught early
There are two schools of thought on the subject of allowance for children. They both boil down to the same thing: Do you want to give your child money? For single moms, parenting is hard with no one to bounce ideas off of, and when it comes to decisions such as this, it is hard to know if you are doing the right thing. Here are some things to consider before making the final decision.

Eukt64lofrbljbub article

Must-Have Maternity Clothes

Five items every single mom needs when she’s expecting
Congratulations! Now that you’re expecting a baby, you can start expecting lots of changes, both mental and physical. And for many women, upon learning they are pregnant, those changes can feel instantaneous, even if they aren’t yet visible.
While those changes are happening, one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is clothing. Single moms may be tempted to simply wear bigger clothes to hide their bump or to save money. Don’t do it! A little bit can go a long way with maternity clothes. Some good shopping options include secondhand stores, thrift shops, or even borrowing from friends.