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Seaworld article

7 things military families can enjoy at SeaWorld San Antonio

Earlier this month, my family packed up and PCSed from the deserts of Arizona to the beaches of Florida. We stopped in San Antonio to enjoy SeaWorld.

I did quite a bit of research in advance regarding the complimentary Waves of Honor tickets. I had a hard time getting the online ticket process to work. I didn’t have time to keep playing around with it, so as my desktop was packed up, we decided we’d risk it at the park.

You%e2%80%99ll need to find these new services and places when you pcs article

You'll need to find these new services and places when you PCS

Moving is exciting. Moving is fun. Moving is annoying.

These are some of the thoughts running through my head as we get closer and closer to our first move in almost five years. The last time we moved, we were returning to a previous duty station where we knew lots of people.

Jason crow 1024x768 article

These 2 veterans are running to change the way Washington works

During each election cycle, military families and veterans are a highly sought demographic to “win.” Politicians take time to show their patriotism by visiting military installations, talking about veteran care, and emphasizing their stances on military issues.

Then they get elected and the military community isn’t talked to or about until the next election cycle.

Englund article

This military spouse aims to be the first female Korean American state senator in America

Less than a month ago, Marine Corps spouse Jinyoung Lee Englund announced her candidacy for the Washington State Senate. As the daughter of Korean immigrants and a second-generation military spouse, Englund brings unique perspectives to the campaign, along with over 10 years of experience in technology, nonprofits, and public policy for economic empowerment.

In the first 19 days of her campaign, $225,000 has been raised–almost twice what most state senate races cost. Englund is going big as she has done so many times before.

F211 article

Here's exactly what spouses think about Forever 21's new PT ...

Let that sink in: $40 for this outdated, cut up, Army gym shirt. You know, the one who you still have on the closet floor because the wear-out date is later this year. The one that you may have donned for a variety of reasons in the comfort of your own home and maybe when running to Walmart in the middle of the night.

Zzz bears article

This company protects kids from their nightmares while giving back to the military community

When Justin Baum’s little girl was just five years old, she experienced what most children do at one time or another: Fear and anxiety was keeping her from getting the sleep that she needed. Luckily, her dad had an idea. Baum worked with the US Marine Corps and frequently found himself in the Marine Corps Exchange. He brought home a teddy bear and simply explained that this Marine bear was going to keep watch over her that night.

The truth behind the costs of on base child care article

The truth behind the costs of on-base child care

Throughout my years as a military spouse, I’ve seen some of the same questions repeatedly. Topping the list are questions about child care– both the occasional date night sitter and full-time care. From hourly care to full-time child care, there are a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation surrounding child care. Here’s the skinny.

Jones p1 article

The youngest state rep in Michigan's history is a National Guardsman

Jewell Jones dreamed of being a spy until he engaged with his local community and decided to pursue a career in politics. In November 2015, he made history as the youngest person to sit on the city council of Inkster, Michigan. A year after that the 21-year-old was elected as the youngest State Representative in Michigan’s history and proudly represents the 11th State House District.
“The people had a plan for me,” Jones said, “I’m just following through.” Jones strives to make a positive impact on public policy and difference in his community.

Heres everything milspouses should know about promotion ceremonies article

Here's everything milspouses should know about promotion ...

Few things in the military are celebrated with as much excitement as promotions. Each and every promotion is a big deal and a special day for the service member and their family. As rank increases, so do responsibilities and expectations. What exactly are the expectations placed on the spouse in regards to a promotion ceremony?

The perfect summer bucket list for military kids fb article

The Perfect Summer Bucket List for Military Kids

So what can we military parents do to make the summer enjoyable? Here’s a great list you can work through with your military kids.

Dont miss these veterans day observations fb article

Don’t miss these international Veterans Day observations

For military families, Veterans Day is a big deal. It gives the rest of the nation the opportunity to thank our service members, past and present, for their hard work and sacrifice. It gives families a time to celebrate their loved one.

The 5 best things to come from the military spouses article

The 5 best things to come from the military spouses

Military spouses are born innovators. We’re awesome…we know it, but did you know just how cool we really are? Let us enlighten you.

Thank god these 6 military spouse traditions are dead article

Thank God these 6 military spouse traditions are dead

Remember the days of white glove inspections when you cleared military housing? No? Be glad. There are so many wonderful traditions the military has clung to. Changes of commands are fun, the promotion ceremonies are great, and, of course, the grog bowl is always a crowd-pleaser.
But when it comes to the traditions and expectations of military spouses, we have come a long way. Speaking for all–okay, most–military spouses, we’re glad to see these have disappeared:

How military families should prepare for natural disasters article

How military families should prepare for natural disasters

Preparing for a natural disaster probably slips to the bottom of our to-do lists frequently and with good reason. We have so many other things going on, but we need to take time to prepare and then make sure we update and refresh our emergency plan as needed.

Anna blanch gill gamble blog article

How a milspouse became a public servant for her city

Community involvement has been something military spouses have excelled at for years. But until recently, we haven’t seen many of them break into local politics. Air Force Spouse Anna Blanch Rabe has started paving the way for those who want to get more involved in their local communities.
Recently Blanch Rabe was appointed to the City of Alamogordo Housing Authority Board. Alamogordo, New Mexico is home to Holloman Air Force Base, near White Sands and about an hour-and-a-half drive on very desolate roads, away from Ft. Bliss.
Blanch Rabe is very excited about her new position and is appreciative of the vote of confidence by the City Commissioners.