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4 Ways to Let your MadSkills Shine

As a military spouse, one of the most challenging things when job hunting and interviewing is explaining how your employment and volunteer history make you the right person for the job.

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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

1. You do not have to hand make/bake everything. Really, I promise. First of all, no one expects you to. Second of all, who has that kind of time? Decide on the few things you enjoy making, or those few events where you want to bake for, and focus on those. I hate baking cookies. They take so much time. For cookie exchanges I generally make a cookie bar so I can do it in a third of the time. Or I buy the dough pre made, or I make brownies or fudge

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Celebrate Thanksgiving Miles From “Home”

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving bring Americans together in a flurry of activity...and no one knows the joy and heartache of tradition like a military family.

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An Amazing Story of a Fearless Man, and the Woman who Stood By Him

On the evening of March 17, 2010, Kelly Brown was awoken from a dream by the ringing of her doorbell. The sound haunts her even to this day, so much so that when she built her house in Arkansas, she had it built without a doorbell. The doorbell sounding in the middle of the night is a sound every military spouse dreads. While we become accustom to the phone ringing of all hours, the second we send our spouse off on a deployment, the doorbell becomes a frightening sound.

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10 Tips for the Retiring Spouse

Your spouse is retiring from the military. And while congratulations usually abound, there may also be some trepidation as you prepare to exit the world you’ve known so well for the past twenty some years.  Below, find a list of helpful hints for the retiring spouse to help you on your next journey.  Some things are best to do as soon as possible, and others have more lenient time frames.

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Ten Steps to a Smooth Transition

The time has come to leave the military. Some are retiring, some are choosing not to re-enlist, some are medically separating, and some are leaving due to troop cutbacks. Whatever the reason, it’s time to start planning.

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Ten Tips For The Transitioning SPOUSE

Your spouse is leaving the military. This may come as a surprise as involuntary separations are becoming more popular with the troop draw downs. If this is the case, your timetable is definitely truncated. The more ideal situation would be while approaching the re-enlistment window, you and your spouse decide not to continue the military commitment and choose instead to End Active Service (EAS). Some things are best to do as soon as possible, and others have more lenient time frames.

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Military Spouse Preference for Federal Jobs

Here is the REAL story behind military spouse preference and federal jobs. We’ve all heard the rumors. Somehow being a military spouse can help you get a federal job. But how many of us actually know someone who used that preference? Or have used it successfully ourselves? Here is the REAL story behind military spouse preference and federal jobs.

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Military Spouse Unemployment: Is It Really A Problem?

Gone are the days of staying home with the kids awaiting the sound of our spouses pulling in the driveway. But how do we bounce back from a 26% unemployment rate among military spouses? This certainly seems like an uphill battle so let’s address it one issue at a time.

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9 Ways Being a Military Spouse Can Get You a Job

So many of us don't feel like we are in a position to get the jobs we are applying for, and it can be hard to see how our lifestyle can provide us with any benefits in the job-seeking department. But there are some is a list.

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One Last Hurrah Before School Starts

Summer is slowly coming to an end and many families are shifting focus from summer camps and swimming to back to school shopping and reading lists. But before you buckle down and cram your calendar with extracurricular activities, consider one last vacation.

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Resilient Spouse Academy

Jennifer Rickert has always found a way to bounce back. She knows the power of resiliency, and she’s passionate about spreading the word.
An Army spouse for 11 years, she’s moved four times to three different places-landing most recently at Fort Huachuca, where friends consider her a pillar of strength in the base community. Jennifer’s goal is simple: to make sure all spouses know that help is available, know where to find it and know how to communicate their needs to those standing by ready to help.

Healthy Eating in a Busy World

Is one of your resolutions to eat healthier? So is mine! Keep reading to learn how to eat clean—despite everything else in life that may attempt to sabotage you.

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The Crossfit Craze

Perhaps you noticed a new CrossFit room at your local gym. Or have been surprised while on the elliptical by someone dropping weights from over their head. Maybe you’ve noticed someone in the commissary wearing long socks, or even worse, sporting scars and scrapes on their shins. These are true signs they are into CrossFit, the latest exercise phase to overtake the nation and military installations.  But, is it right for you?

Choose Your Chow

Life for Chris Loer and his wife, Lt. Shamis Fallah has always been filled with adventure.