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Grog 1 article

What Really Happens at a Navy Ball | VinePair

The Navy lays claim to the grog, which originally referred to a drink of water and rum. It was introduced to a naval squadron commanded by British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740. Today, the grog takes on many forms and is used in many ways. While not required at formal events, the grog ceremony is often embraced by those attending.

Military wives featured 350x300 article

The Misunderstood Drinking Culture of Military Wives

A recent government study sent shockwaves through my community. “Military wives may be more likely to binge drink,” the Military Times reported. My initial response to the study was, Well, when your spouse goes to war, you drink more wine. But is that binge drinking?

Rum balls article

Drunken Holiday Desserts

Whether you’re a military wife or a military husband, we like to celebrate our extreme gratitude with good food and good drink. And sometimes, we like to celebrate with both.